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Army Hockey Competitions - Inter Services Outdoor

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The Inter Services this year originally meant to be held by the Navy in HMS Collingwood was relocated to Aldershot and held by the Army. With Baltic weather and even some snow this was a tough couple of days for all the teams. However, they took it in their stride and this year’s Inter Services showcased an excellent standard of hockey with some close calls, last second game changers and plenty of atmosphere! Thanks to everyone who could make it out of their very busy schedules to attend and make another fantastic Tournament. The final results were as follows:


First up, the Army played the Navy. With both teams playing at such a high standard it was hard to tell who would score next resulting in a draw of 3-3. Following from this, the Army then played the RAF beating them 2-1. All three teams were desperate to claim the title and these games were in no way a walk in the park! With this score in mind the final game between the Navy and RAF was tense. The Navy would win if they had a goal difference of only 1-0 but the RAF weren’t going to give up without a fight. As the Army watched on, the two other services played a highly charged game which ended with a final score of 6-4 to the Navy. With a 2-0 difference they won the title and Army came second. With all three services playing such high quality hockey, the games were excellent to watch and you couldn’t tell who was going to win. Well played all and a fantastic effort from the Army.
Winners: Navy
Runners Up: Army
3rd: RAF

As the Army drew with the Navy they retained the Eagan Wilkinson Sword this year.


The final match between the Army and RAF was tough. The RAF only needed to draw to take the title from the Army who weren’t going to take it lying down. Both teams displayed extremely skilled hockey with tight defence and a strong attack as well as some good goalkeeping on both sides! With only 20 seconds to go the Army were winning 2-1 and it was sure to be over. However, due to a last second slip the RAF got through the defence and netted the drawing score. You’ll get it back next year Army!

Winners: RAF
Runners Up: Army
3rd: Navy

As the Army drew with the RAF they retained the Fiona Frost Trophy.


Again, the U23s overall displayed awesome talent especially in their first match against the Navy. They smashed it with a final score of 7-2 setting up a huge advantage against the RAF. However, they proved to be a harder side to beat and after a tight game they drew 1-1. Due to the high score though in the previous game, the Army won on point difference and won the U23 Trophy! Well done guys. Superb effort!

Winners: Army
Runners Up: RAF
3rd: Navy


The Masters played some great games with passion on all sides! Sadly though the Army lost 3-1 to the Navy and then 6-4 to the RAF. The RAF had already beaten the Navy and went onto become the 2013 masters winners.

Winners: RAF
Runners Up: Navy
3rd: Army

Ladies Masters:

The Army Ladies again showed dominance in the hockey field with a 6-0 win against the Navy and 2-1 against the RAF. Well done Ladies, see you next year.

Winners: Army
Runners Up: RAF
3rd: Navy

Note: For more details of the Pool results, you can contact Charlotte in the AHA Office:

Trophy List

Indian Army Trophy RN
Under 23 Trophy Army
The Eagan Wilkinson Sword Army
Royal Bank of Scotland Army
The NAAFI Trophy RN
The Dundas Dagger Army
Masters Trophy RAF


Ladies Championship RAF
The Rook Salver Army
Ladies Masters Army
Fiona Frost Army


Senior Player of the Tournament Keith McDougall ARMY
U23 Player of the Tournament Alex Lewis ARMY
Ladies Player of the Tournament Jess Webb RAF
Mens Masters Player of the Tournament Finlay Mclean RAF
Ladies Masters Player of the Tournament Cathy Lacey NAVY

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