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A. AHA AGM minutes dated 28th April 2010.

1. It was confirmed at the AHA AGM on 28th April 2010 that the Corps Annual affiliation fee was the way forward. There would be a one off payment known as the Corps Affiliation fee to cover all Tournament entry fees, the Inter Corps League and Marquee costs at the Inter Corps Outdoor event. This system has now been up and successfully running for 2 years.

2. It was agreed that the Infantry and RAC would pay a reduced fee as they do not enter a Ladies or Masters Team in either competition. It is normal for the RAC and AAC to combine into one team.

3. The Affiliation Fee covers the following costs:


Inter Corps League

£50.00 for 2 or 3 teams, £25.00 for 1 team


Inter Corps Indoor

£50.00 per team


Inter Corps Outdoor

£50.00 per team



£128.00 paid by each Corps.

4. Cost to Corps would be:

a. AGC, RLC, REME, RE, AMS, RA, R Signals, assuming 2/3 x teams Inter Corps league, 2 x teams Indoors 3 x teams outdoors, £428.00 each Corps.

b. RAC, Infantry, assuming 1 x team Inter Corps League £25.00, 1 x team indoors, 1 x team outdoors, £253.00 each.

5. Both the RAC and Infantry are strongly encouraged to enter a Masters team in the League and Outdoor Inter Corps Festival. They would then pay the additional entry fee.

6. Please note that these affiliation fees must be paid before 15th October 2012 Prior to the Inter Corps. Also note that you must send in your intentions to enter each competition by returning the team sheets.


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