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SSgt P Sheehan (Pat)
RAPTCI The Light Dragoons
Gaza Barracks Catterick Garrison
Catterick, DL9 4AU

Tel Mil:  Mil – 94731 4064 Civ – 01748 874064


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WO1 Joseph Lee 1REME - Catterick 94731 4468
Lt Rowan McConkey RDG - Catterick 07743409217 N/A
Lt A Robinson 1SG - Catterick 01748 873533 1SG-B-FS-Pl Comd - DII
WO1 M Dunn 3MED - Catterick 94731 2803 3MED-RSM - DII
Harry Rose OTC - Northumbria 
Capt V Evans 27 AEC - Edinburgh 94748 5392 27AEC-GP-Edinburgh-2ic - DII
Lt Ross Donaldson 1 LANCS - Catterick 01748 874971 


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Army Hockey Catterick Garrison Training



1.         The UK North Hockey League will be held at the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate, Penny Pot Lane, HG3 2SE.  Maximum attendance of all standards is encouraged.  The information in this letter is to be as widely disseminated as possible through UK North AOR.

2.  The competition is open to all Regular, Army Reserve and UOTC units within UK North. 

3. Entry into the competition is free of charge.

4.  All units must ensure their players are annotated on Regimental Part One Orders to be classed as ‘on duty’ whilst playing hockey.

5. Units who wish to participate in the competition are to complete Annex A and return to the undersigned by NLT 28 Oct 16.


6.  Teams are to consist of a maximum of 11 players with an additional 5 substitutes. Unit teams can comprise of mixed gender or all male / female players.  Anyone attached to the unit can participate for the team.

7. All players within the team are to be named on the team nominal role found at Annex B.  This is to be handed in during the registration.

8.  The competition will be in rolling league format.  If there are insufficient entries the competition will take the form of a knock out.


9. Rules, guidance, regulations for hockey equipment and clothing can be obtained from the following links:  or

10.  Teams are requested to bring two different coloured playing shirts.

11.  Teams are to provide their own playing equipment including balls and ensure players have suitable footwear and shin protection.        


12. Whilst every effort will be made to have a qualified umpire officiate the games this may not be possible due to a lack of officials in UK North.  Competent members of teams may be needed to assume umpiring duties.  All UK North officials are to make themselves aware to the undersigned.


13. Dates for the UK North Hockey League are as follows:

a Wed 9 Nov 0900 - 1330hrs
b. Wed 18 Jan 0900 - 1330hrs
c. Wed 25 Jan 0900 - 1330hrs


14. These facilities are situated within the College.  It is recommended that individuals secure all valuable items in your vehicles where appropriate, as the College has no security lockers.


15.  The AFC Harrogate is a PAYD location. Refreshments and nutrition will be the responsibility of the individual teams.


16. T&S will be the responsibility of the participating unit.  Participants are to use the most cost effective means of transport from their duty station to AFC Harrogate.


17.  The AFC Harrogate Medical Centre will provide medical cover for the duration of the competition.


18.  This is an excellent opportunity for teams to play some grass roots hockey no matter what standard they currently play the sport at.  All units are encouraged to support this event.  Furthermore, it is hoped that this event will increase participation in future competitions.


  1. Should there be any further questions, please contact the undersigned.

PPK Sheehan
SSgt (SSI)
UK North Hockey Secretary

A.  UK North Hockey League 2016/2017 Season – Entry Form. 
B.  UK North Hockey League 2016/2017 Season – Competition Team Sheet. 

DIN: 2010DIN10-034 Travel at public expense for Army Sport (2010).

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