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Army Hockey Competitions



1. The Army Hockey Association (AHA) will host the 2012 Inter Services Hockey Tournament at Aldershot. With the agreement of all Association Chairmen and without setting a precedent for the order of play for future years,; the programme of matches on the first day has been adjusted to accommodate other Combined Service commitments. The agreed outline programme is at Annex A.

2. Location. All tournament matches will be played on artificial turf pitches at the Army Hockey Centre on Princess Avenue, Aldershot GU11 2LQ.

3. Accommodation. There is very limited accommodation in the Aldershot area, most available accommodation has been allocated to Service persons preparing for Operations. The arrangements have been discussed with single service secretaries, we are confident we have sufficient accommodation for the umpires and officials. The RNHA have agreed to travel in for their day 2 games. Elements of both the RAFHA and AHA may have to travel into Aldershot; however, every effort will be made to avoid this.


4. The TD for the tournament is Les Hunter. Those responsible for managing the 15 teams, the Umpires, Officials and Hon Sec CSHA (for senior VIPs/Officials) are requested to liaise closely with the Sec AHA, with a completed form as per Annex E as soon as possible and no later than the 08 Mar 12. A list that is partly correct on time is easier to modify than the management of a late submission.

5. For clarity, age eligibility for the tournament is taken as follows:

a. Masters - Over 35 on the day of the match and the team age total must never fall below 440 years on the pitch.

b. U23 Men - Age on 01 Jan 12. 1989 and later dates of birth are
acceptable as U23’s for the season 11/12. 1988 dates of birth are not acceptable.


6. There will be a fast food facility on site. Team managers are invited to contact Mr Mark Gibbons at Garrett’s on 01252 347359 to arrange team meals that must be paid for at the time they are taken. At least 1 weeks notice is required. Mark’s email is


7. No specific social arrangements are being planned.


8. As always car parking will be extremely limited. Use of mini buses/coaches should be encouraged. The car park by the Pavilion is reserved for Officials and VIPs. The car park opposite the hockey centre is for players. The tennis centre should not be used for car parking. If these car parks are full use the car park on the right as you turn into Princess Avenue. The RMP have been told by Aldershot Garrison HQ to move anyone parked on Princess Avenue.


9. In addition to Annex A, an itinerary listing the main activities is at Annex B. Other important details are:

a. Briefings. Briefings for team managers will be given by the TD at 0830 hours
13 Mar 12 in the Army Hockey Pavilion. The TD will then brief the Umpires and Officials at 0915 hours. These will be the only briefings and all team managers must attend or be represented.

b. Tournament Rules. The tournament rules are contained in Annex G of the
CHSA Constitution. All matches will be 35 minutes each way. (Each match on the
first day needs to produce a loser and a winner. (By a formula to be decided and
briefed by the TD).

c. Changing Rooms Officials, Umpires & Players. Officials and Umpires have
their own changing rooms and showers. The pavilion has only 4 changing rooms.
The two beside number 1 pitch will be male and the two beside number 2 pitch
will be female. Once changed and showered, please quickly vacate the changing
rooms with all kit and possessions. The next two teams will be knocking on the
door. No hockey kit bags are allowed in the bar area, there will be a marquee to store kit in

d. Trophies. A list of current trophy holders is at Annex C. Single Service
Secretaries are requested to ensure trophies are delivered to the Sec AHA, cleaned
and engraved please; on or before 13th March 2012. Individual trophies will be
presented (to a maximum number of 18 players and maximum 4 team
management, total 22) to winning teams. The criteria for awarding Player of
the Tournament for the 5 competitions is in the Tournament rules. Chairman AHA
is requested to co-ordinate this.

e. Match balls. 5 match balls should be provided by each Service and passed to the TD at his briefing.

f. Team Photographs. Provision has been made for team photographs prior to
each teams first match. Lt Col (Retd) Charles Jackman will be the tournament
photographer. See Annex B for timings.

g. Spectators. All spectators should remain outside of the pitch fences.

h. Physiotherapy First Aid. Single Service are encouraged to bring their own Physio.
Ice will be available on each pitch. Teams must provide their own first aid
kit. In an emergency call 999. Frimley Park A & E normally takes no more than 10
minutes to have an ambulance on site.

i. Tournament Officials. Mr Les Hunter has agreed to be the Tournament
Director (TD). Les Hunter will appoint 3 Technical Officers (TO). Single
Services are invited to contact Les with suitable experienced TO’s and Officials
on 07900 808 019. Other requirements are as follows:

(i) Judges/Timekeepers Single Service Secretaries are requested to provide two Officials per service. Names and contact details to Les
Hunter on the number above.

(ii) Umpires CSHUA Appointment Secretary is requested to advise the
TD and Sec AHA of names and contact numbers of Umpire appointments
as soon as possible.

j. Scoreboards Sec AHA will provide scoreboards at both pitches.

k. Tournament Notices The location of the Tournament notice board will be given
at the TD’s briefing.

k. Press/Media Details of the Tournament will be communicated to local press and
media. Single Service secretaries and Sec CSHA are encouraged to invite press and media. However please keep the TD and Sec AHA informed.


10. The Annual General Meeting of CSHA will be held in the Garretts Clubhouse 1300 – 1430 hours 13 March 12. Tea, Coffee and bar facilities will be available. Parking should not be a problem at the clubhouse.

11. Presentations will take place after the final two matches finish. It is anticipated the location will be inside the Marquee. The planned time for the presentations will be 1745hrs. There will be a maximum of 22 individual trophies for each of the five winning teams, plus a permanent keepsake for the five players of the Tournament.

Please see Outline Programme

Please seeTournament Director's Pre Tournament Notes for Team Managers

Download PDF Annex AAnnex A: Outline Programme - Download PDF
Download PDF Annex BAnnex B: Detailed Programme - Download PDF
Annex C Download PDFAnnex C: Trophy Holders - Dowload PDF
Download Annex D - Tournament Officials
Annex D: Tournament Officials Return - Download PDF
Annex E Team Sheet - Download PDFAnnex E: Team Sheet Return - Download PDF