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The preliminary rounds (2) of the 4 Division Cup will be played at the Aldershot Hockey Centre on the 29th February 2012 using both pitches which have been booked from 0900 to 1700hrs.

A total of 14 teams have indicated that they wish to participate in the Cup however 7 teams have not yet paid the entry fee as requested in the initial letter. (See * against the team name)

Provided that the required preliminary rounds are completed on the 29th February then the Semi-Finals and Finals will be played at Aldershot on the 7th March 2012.

Should playing conditions not allow the preliminary rounds to be played on the 29th February they will then be switched to the 7th March and the Semi-Finals and Finals re-scheduled.


Playing conditions will be in accordance with the Laws of Hockey as laid down by the EHA with the following exceptions.

Teams must comprise of players from the nominated Unit in accordance with the 4 Divisional Amalgamations for Army Sport – August 2011.

Teams can comprise of Male and Female Service players who can play in any position including goalkeeper.

Teams may be drawn from a squad maximum of 16 players drawn from all three services. There must however always be at least 8 players from the Army on the pitch at all times.

Each team is to complete a nominal role which must be handed to the Secretary before the start of your respective match. (See attachment) Any changes must be advised before the centre pass.

Each match must have a result. If teams are drawn at full time then a series of 5 Penalty Strokes will immediately take place. Should this still result in a draw then a further “Golden Goal” series of Penalty Strokes will commence using the same 5 players.

The duration of each match is two 35 minute halves or time agreed by the two captains and the umpires.

Each team should bring a qualified umpire or an experienced player willing to umpire.  Each match should have at least one qualified umpire.    It is hoped to arrange additional umpires to assist as required.

Balls for the matches are to be provided by the home (first named) team. Balls should be high grade ‘dimple’ and acceptable to both teams but in the event of a disagreement the decision of the umpires shall prevail.

Goalkeepers must wear full protective head gear unless taking a PS, or joining the attack for a Penalty Corner being played out after half or full time. “Kicking-backs” must wear full head protection when defending PC or PS; but head protection is not to be worn outside the circle. Goalkeepers (or Kicking-backs) must wear tops of different colours from those players of either participating team.

Substitutes going on or off the field of play will enter the pitch adjacent to the halfway line.

Use substitutes to allow ‘walking wounded ‘to be treated off the pitch. Where it is considered that any injury require immediate attention, the umpire will call the physio and/or manager on to the pitch. (The ‘no liquid; rule may be relaxed in such circumstances) Any “bleeders” must leave the pitch immediately and will not be allowed to return until the bleeding has been stopped and the injury covered. Any heavily bloodied clothing must be changed.     All teams should bring a First Aid Kit.

Suspended players will immediately go to the chairs designated or, if no “table” is being operated, to a place on the side of the pitch designated by the umpire awarding the suspension. The individual concerned may not have any involvement in the game either by encouragement of the team or by comment of any kind. Managers may give suspended players tracksuits and/or a drink. Suspended players are under the control of the umpires, who will be responsible for the player (or his replacement) returning to the play at the end of the suspension period.

If a player receives two yellow cards, he may incur the penalty of not being allowed to take part in one or more games to be played by his team, depending upon the severity of the offences. This penalty may also be imposed for any serious misbehaviour on the bench or after the game.

If a Red Card is issued, the recipient must immediately leave the playing area. A full report of the incident should be sent by the Umpires and Captains concerned to the 4 Divisional Secretary and the AHA. (Next day please)   The player concerned will be suspended from participation in all 4 Division Hockey until the matter has been fully investigated and any punishment or ban awarded.

Captains are reminded that they are responsible for the behaviour of their players and if umpires ask for their help to improve discipline/general behaviour, it is the Captain who will be penalised if that improvement does not occur.

Teams should bring a complete change of strip.  In the event of a colour clash the away (2nd named) team will change colours.

The draw was made on the 15th February using two hats!  One hat contained the teams that have paid fees with the second hat holding those that have not. Should there be significant withdrawals from the original draw then the Secretary reserves the right to hold a re-draw. Teams will be advised of any changes as soon as possible.

Teams are to confirm that they can participate in the preliminary rounds as per the draw by Friday 24th February 2012.

Units indicated with a * have not paid any affiliation or entry fees as requested on the original letter dated 13 September 2011.
Units that have entered the both the League and the Cup competitions are required to pay a cheque of £100 made payable to Central Bank ASCB
Units that have only entered the Cup competitions are required to pay a cheque of £50 made payable to Central Bank ASCB
Cheques should be organised now and sent to the Secretary before the 29th February.
Failure to do so could result in your Unit not being allowed to participate.

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