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Army Hockey Competitions

ALDERSHOT 21- 23 May 2012

As well as being blessed with outstanding weather the Inter Corps proved to be a very successful event with a great turn out and excellent hockey played by all the Corps.

The final results were:

Final Score 6 – 1
Men’s Winners: R SIGNALS
Runners Up: RLC

A tremendous effort by the AMS to reach the final and they gave the AGC a tough match. However the AGC managed to hold strong and win with a final score of 3 - 0

Winners: AGC
Runners Up: AMS
3rd: REME

A great final with the RA proving to be the stronger team and despite the blistering heat managed to play excellently and take away the prize. The REME also fought hard and played very well which was fantastic to watch. Final Score 5 – 2
Winners: RA
Runners Up: REME
3rd: RE

A close game throughout with both sides working very hard for the title, leading to penalty strokes. It was tense and very close but the REME managed to get one more than the RE. Again, a good game to watch with top quality play, despite the heat. Final Score 1-1 (4-3 ps)

Winners: REME
Runners Up: RE
3rd: AGC