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1.         On behalf of UK Armed Forces Hockey Association (UKAFHA) the Army Hockey Association (AHA) will host the 2018 Inter Services Hockey tournament in Aldershot, kindly sponsored by BFBS. This tournament will be a two day event using both artificial turf pitches at the Army Hockey Centre in Aldershot. The Masters competitions are run as separate events but within the main tournament. There will be winners in both the Men’s and Ladies Seniors and Masters competitions The outline tournament programme is at Annex A.

2.         The Annual General Meeting of UKAF HA will be held in Garretts Sports Club from 0830-1030hrs 6 Mar 18. Tea and Coffee and breakfast rolls will be available from 0815.

Tournament officials, participants and player eligibility

5.         The Tournament Director (TD) is Lt Col (Retd) Christopher Todd.  Team managers, umpires, officials and Hon Sec UKAFHA (for senior VIPs/Officials) are requested to liaise closely with the AHA office in order to ensure accurate numbers are captured. 

6.         Team managers are to complete a team sheet at Annex E and send it to the AHA office as soon as possible but no later than the 23 Feb 18.  A list that is partly correct but on time is easier to modify than one submitted late or not at all.

7.         Age eligibility for the tournament is taken as follows:

a. Masters – Over 35 on the day of the match and where the team age average must never fall below 440 years on the pitch.

b. U25 Men – Age U25 on the first day of the tournament.

Tournament detail

7.         The outline of the tournament is at Annex A, with an itinerary listing the main activities at Annex B.  Key details are:

a. Tournament Officials.  The TD will appoint 3 Technical Officers (TO).  Single
Services are invited to contact TD with nominations for suitably experienced TOs and Officials on 07708 265388 and Derek Rutherford on 07884 020772. Other requirements are    as follows:

(i) Judges/Timekeepers.  Single Service Secretaries are requested to provide two officials per service.  Names and contact details are to be passed to the TD on the number above.

(ii)  Umpires   UKAFHUA Appointment Secretary is requested to advise the TD and Sec AHA of names and contact numbers of Umpire appointments as soon as possible.

b.         Briefings.   Briefings for team managers will be given by the TD at 0800hrs
6 Mar 18 in the hockey pavilion.  The TD will then brief the Umpires and Officials at 0845hrs. The TD may send out his brief electronically to the team managers before the tournament if he decides to do so.  Should this happen the managers brief will be cancelled.

c.         Tournament Rules.   The tournament rules are contained in Annex F       
            All matches will be 35 minutes each way and each match on the first day needs to produce a loser and a winner by a formula to be decided and briefed by the TD.

d.         Tournament Notices.  The location of the tournament notice board will be given
            at the TD’s briefing.

e.         Changing rooms for officials, umpires and players.  Changing rooms will be
allocated by Sec AHA.  The umpires and officials will use the designated changing rooms.
The TD will have the use of the official’s office. Kit bags are not to be placed in the seating
area in the pavilion. There is ample space for kit bags in the marquee that will be outside.

d.         Match balls.  3 match balls should be provided by each participating team.

e.         Scoreboards.  Sec AHA will provide scoreboards at both pitches.

f.          Physiotherapy and first aid.    Ice will be available on each pitch and a physio
bench is in the pavilion. Teams must provide their own first aid kit, though a first aid kit is
also present in the pavilion.  In an emergency 999 will be called with ambulances less than
10 mins away.  For non-urgent cases requiring more than simple first aid Frimley Park A &
E is to be used and not the garrison medical centres.

g.         Trophies.   A list of current trophies and holders is at Annex C.  Single Service   secretaries are requested to ensure trophies are delivered to the Sec AHA cleaned   and engraved please on or before 05 Mar 18.  Individual trophies will be   presented (to a maximum number of 18 players and maximum 4 team management, total 22) to winning teams plus a permanent keepsake for the five players of the Tournament.  The criteria for awarding player of the tournament for the 5 competitions is in the tournament rules.  Chairman UKAFHA is requested to co-ordinate this.

h.         Prizegiving.  Presentations will take place after the final two matches finish.  It is anticipated the location for prizegiving will be either inside the Hockey Pavilion or in the marquee. The planned time for the presentations will be 1745hrs.  There will be a maximum of 22 individual trophies for each of the five winning teams,

i.          Team Photographs.  Provision has been made for team photographs prior to  each team’s first match.  Lt Col (Retd) Charles Jackman will be the tournament photographer. During the event imagery (photographs, audio/videos, films) may be taken in order to publicise/advertise the activities of the AHA and UKAFHA though commercial, editorial, public relations, recruitment, on-line media and/or any other use that is not defamatory, libellous or otherwise unlawful.  Individuals should be aware that they would have no claim of ownership of the imagery/audio and that they will not receive remuneration for its usage now, nor in the future and that the imagery/audio may be cropped, modified or altered, without stating an objection.  Individuals that do not consent to the capture or use of their image are to inform the event organiser before the first match. 

j.          Spectators.  All spectators should remain outside of the pitch fences.

General administration

8.         Tournament location.  All matches will be played at the home of Army Hockey Association. The postcode for this is GU11 2LD.

9.         Car parking.  Car parking at the front of the Hockey Centre itself is limited.  There is a larger grass-crete car park to the north of the Army Hockey Centre where all players’ vehicles must be parked.  It is only a short walk to the hockey centre via the back gate which will be open.  Teams should endeavour to share transport the use of team minibuses wherever possible is encouraged.  Anyone found parking on the main roads will be issued a ticket by Aldershot Garrison Military Police.

10.       Accommodation.  Garrison accommodation in the Aldershot area is extremely limited. It advised that single Service representatives make their own accommodation arrangements.  The CABS office can be contacted on 01252 352154. 

11.       Meals and refreshments.  A fast food facility will be on site for the duration of the tournament providing snacks and refreshments for officials, players and supporters.

12.       Social activities.  There are no specific activities planned.

Army Sports Trophies Competition (ASTC) 2017/18. 
13.       Army team players, officials and managers are reminded of the Army Sports Trophy Competition for unit participation. Individual participation in this competition should qualify for unit points in the ASTC.  More detail is available from the AHA office or regional secretaries. 




A.         Outline Programme
B.         Detailed Programme
C.        Trophy Holders 2017
D.        Officials and Umpires return
E.         Match Sheet team return
F.         Regulations for the IS Outdoor Tournament
            (Form for completion)
G.        Regulations for the Inter Services Outdoors Hockey Tournament



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